Corporate Social Investment

At Namsov, our role to assist our ecosystem of stakeholders goes well beyond just giving. We give, we build and we share. Our mandate is to ensure that we proactively partner with our stakeholders to not only support, but to understand how to participate solutions that will sustainably change people’s lives.

About the Namsov Community Trust

The Namsov Community Trust is a 10% shareholder in Namsov Fishing Enterprises. We are governed by an independent and Namibian board of Trustees. Since our inception in 1991, we have been driven to make social investments that change the lives of Namibian people meaningfully.


We are proud to root a part of our success in being able to contribute to projects nation-wide that have had various socio-economic impacts in our communities nationwide.

Our Vision

“To sustainably improve the lives of Namibian people by meaningfully and proactively delivering shared value between communities and our business.”

The Namsov Community Trust is divided into 3 areas

Employee Development Programme

The vision of the Employee Development Programme is inspired by the value we place on our people. They drive the daily value we create and share. 
Our programme focus for our employees is to ensure they too benefit from this value in terms of a sustainable housing programme, affordable quality health care & access to company support where it matters most to them and their families.

Regional Development Programme:  

This grassroots support programme harnesses the relationships with our regions through the Governors offices of the regions of Namibia. 
We provide grassroots support where needs are identified within the communities by a task team administered by each Governors office and its selected committee members.

General Corporate Social Investment:

This remains our general social investment vehicle which has been in inception since 1991. The core focuses have been expanded further but now are delivered in partnership with key community stakeholders groups.
We provide support for the areas in the form of accepting applications and evaluating them at the Trustees board meetings.

The scope of the sectors we participate in are as follows:

  1. Community Development
  2. Education
  3. Enterprise Development
  4. Health
  5. Information and Communication Technoloy
  6. Natural Resources


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