NAMSOV creates employment for 664 individuals.  264 of these employees are seconded to Trachurus, a joint-venture company managed by NAMSOV.  NAMSOV remains the biggest employer of seamen I (seagoing employees) in Namibia’s fishing industry, with 160 Namibian onshore employees and 290 Namibian crew.  Four hundred of its crew are recruited from foreign countries.

At the core of our operations, are our seaman.  Their safety and security is of high priority.  Strict measures are in place on board all NAMSOV vessels.  Its technical team is meticulous in their preparation before vessels set out to sea.

Training Summary

During the last 3 years (2009 – 2011) the following was spent on training:

Namfi: 400k on 254 students
Cadets: 430k on 42 cadets
Cape Town: 822k on 4 students
Russia: 1,422k on 10 students
Office staff: 343k on 39 employees
Total: 3,438k on 349 students
Average: 1 mill per year on 100 students per year


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