Pesca Fresca

Pesca Fresca


Pesca Fresca obtains quota form the Ministry of fisheries in Angola (Sardinella). The quota is caught with 2 vessels chartered from Namsov Fishing (St Padarn and Deolinda). Some of the fish is frozen and the rest processed in fishmeal plant.


Frozen fish in 20 kg boxes (sold locally)

Fishmeal in 50 kg bags (sold locally and exported to China)

Fish oil sold in bulk (exported to Chile, Turkey)

Asset Commodity

Vessels are chartered from Namsov at the moment. Purseine vessels St Padarn and Deolinda


Harvested is mainly Sardinella

Sizes of Commodity (Mixed sizes)

Sardinella is delivered fresh from the vessel and frozen over a 24 hour period. It is then   packaged in 20 kg boxes for sale to customers. Fishmeal is processed and packed in 50kg bags

The markets we export to



Fish is sold ex-factory and customers collect the fish with their own trucks


Frozen fish is sold locally. Fishmeal is exported to China. Fish oil is exported to Chile and Turkey


We provide quality employment to 196 people

What Makes Product Unique

The quality of our frozen product and process.

Our fishmeal and fish oil are tested and always continuously indicates good quality

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