Acquisition Model

We purchase juvenile oysters (30g) from farmers in Luderitz. The oysters are transported to Walvis Bay, packed in racks and placed into our farm.


We produce delicious and fatty Oysters which can be bought fresh or frozen.


2 x Vessels Arkeo & Makarios

The commodity we harvest

We harvest Namibian oysters for local and international sales.

The product

Cocktail Oysters

Medium Oysters

Large Oysters

X-Large Oysters

Jumbo Oysters

End Product

Fresh & Frozen Oysters

Value Addition

We grow our Oysters from 30g to market size

Where is your product available

Our product is available directly from our premises, UFE Fish Shop and various retail outlets selling Oysters.



Hong Kong

Employment created

20 seagoing employees

7 land based employees

10 temporary employed from time to time depending on the work load.

What makes your product unique?

We provide the best quality Oysters the world has seen.


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